Superintendent publishes first novel

After much perseverance and critique, Superintendent Dr. Catherine Finger achieved her lifelong dream by completing and releasing her first novel, Alabaster Vases, in January. Finger’s book, Alabaster Vases, is a cop thriller categorized in the genres of Christian, fiction and suspense. Instead of focusing on police-type events, she chose a different story route by putting the center of attention on the characters.
“I wanted strong characters and relationships thrown in situations that were possible,” Finger said.
After being told to “cop-up” her book and remain within the usual parameters of police thrillers, she decided that that wasn’t what she envisioned.
“That was not my story. It’s about relationships between men and women that happened to be cops. There’s a difference,” she said.
While she overcame this incident of criticism, some feedback wasn’t as easy. However, she did use criticism to improve her writing, which is one of her main tips she gives to youth writers.
“The negative criticism spurred me to do even more. It’s been a real personal growth for me. I wanted to grow as a writer, and that’s been a really great thing to do,” Finger said.
Overcoming critique and adjusting her storyline was just part of the challenging writing process. Now, she had to release it to the public eye and get her novel published.
“[It’s] scary. Writing’s very intimate, [and] the notion of releasing it to the world is terrifying, but also cool,” Finger admitted.
In order to have her book become successful and her writing career continue, she needed to find an audience.
“One thing I had to learn is I have people. I’m in Christian/fiction/suspense, and I’m mainly marketing to the Christian people,” she said.
Writing and releasing a book was no easy task to Finger, and it required an immense amount of time, focus and editing. The determination the writing required and the emotions it spurred were huge changes from her daily job as a superintendent.
“I feel very comfortable in my job life but not with this. My friends aren’t used to seeing me scared,” Finger said.
Finger accomplished her dream of publishing a novel, and by doing so, she’s gained much knowledge and experience that she finds helpful toward other aspiring writers.
“You have to make sacrifices. Writing’s a choice. If you have something you love [to do] you’ll find a way,” Finger stated.
Finger’s journey through writing shows success can be achieved by following a dream. She followed her heart through the criticism, editing, and writing stages and proves to be an inspiration to interested writers and dream chasers.