School board implements new drug testing policy

According to the Grayslake North’s Drug Testing Protocol, which explains the new procedure, the drug testing switched from the previous method of only hair testing, to a choice for the students to choose either urine analysis or hair testing.
“Please know that your son or daughter will now be able to choose either urinalysis or hair testing as a drug testing protocol should they be randomly selected for testing during this school year. Students will be expected to articulate their preferred protocol if/when they are called down to the testing site,” the Drug Testing Protocol states.
The decision on the new method was based on much speculation and feedback from the parents and students within recent community meetings.
“There were two informational meetings over the summer for any students or parents that had any opinions or concerns. We wanted to clear up any falsifies that had spread. The decision was made at the district level based on feedback from all of the meetings,” said athletic director Tina Woolard.
The school is focused on creating a safe and productive environment inside and out of school, by deciding to keep drug testing.
“I think, overall, the drug testing policy is there to encourage students to make the right choices. I believe the drug test will motivate students to make healthy choices, as well as enables them to recognize the consequences of inappropriate, unhealthy behavior,” said activities director Molly Tomlinson.
The student body is very excited and believes the change is a step in the right direction for more student body influence and a better environment within the school.
“I think it’s phenomenal that we get to choose between the two. It gives students and athletes a sense of control, which is essential for a safe and happy environment,” said junior Patrick Blashe.
Many students seem to enjoy the freedom of choice and like how they no longer feel violated.
“I think its a great idea because now the school won’t be making anyone mad by doing what they don’t want to be done,” said sophomore Peter Stanfel.
The new drug testing method offers students choice and a way that administrators believe that can help students continue positive behavior and continue on a successful school path.