Students in the community attend local summer festivals

Funnel cakes. Carnival rides. Fireworks. These were some of students’ favorite components of the many community festivals held over the summer.
Grayslake Days has been one of the most popular of all these festivals. It was also the shortest, lasting only two days.
A new component this year was the musical talent in the forms of the ‘Grayslake’s Got Talent’ contest and in the school band that performed.
“I liked the parade, but I think the band was the best part overall. They played really well, and it got everyone excited for the rest of the event,” said freshman Jackson Neilson.
The parade included the annual bike and pet parade, where community members walked or rode down Slusser Street on their bikes or with pets. The parade has been one of the most memorable parts of the festival.
“I had a really fun time with my friends. My favorite part was the parade,” said sophomore Lupe Martinez, who attended all three festivals.
Lindenfest took place between August 7 and August 10. The theme was ‘The Great Outdoors.’ For the past 30 years, this exciting festival has delighted community members of all ages with carnival games, pageants and much more.
“Lindenfest was my favorite of all the festivals because of the rides. It was a fun place to hang out with friends,” said sophomore Yazmin Valadez.
Apart from just the events, Lindenfest is also well known for showcasing community eateries.
“I love funnel cakes,” said freshman Kate Mueller. “They had really good ones at Lindenfest.”
This year marked the 81 anniversary of one of the oldest festivals in the area: Lake Villa Days. The event took place for four days in Lehmann Park. It included bingo and live music.
“I had a blast. It’s a nice place just to hang out with friends,” Martinez said.
Others found the Lake, McHenry and Kenosha counties’ firefighters’ water fights the most amusing. Firefighters from different counties faced off for a water battle.
“The water fights were amazing,” said freshman Logan Perhacs.
No matter where they are, festivals provide an event for students and community members to create memories and relax with each other.