High expectations surround the wrestling team

The program started two years ago with just 30 participants. Today over 70 students have joined. Since its beginning, the wrestling team has been making great strides. They hope to make this season their best one yet.

Last year the wrestling team had a solid season, finishing the season off with an overall record of 15-6 and placing second in their division. This year they hope to accomplish all that and more.

“We always strive to just do better this year than last year. It’s great to see the improvement in our wrestling. I expect my wrestlers to buy into the wrestling program and commit not just to themselves, but to each other. If they do that and believe in what they’re doing ,they’re going to have a successful season,” said head varsity coach Ryan West.

For some of the wrestlers, they hope just to learn the basics of the sport and to trust and understand their teammates.

“This is my first year wrestling, so this year is more about learning how the sport works and all the rules. My favorite wrestling event that I’ve heard of so far is the wrestle-off because it’s versing other people on our team. It’s a way to see your strengths and the strengths of the people on your team,” said freshman Rhett Walker.

Apart from the regular difficulties of a wrestling season, this year the athletes have an even tougher schedule.

“I’ve heard that this year’s schedule is much more difficult than last year’s,” wrestler Antonio Nicoli said. “It’s much more demanding.”

This year, the team hopes not just to win and have a successful season, but to enjoy the sport that they are competing in.

“Wrestling has a few major components to it; it’s not just mindless fighting. You have to have the technique, overall cardiovascular condition and the strength to be successful. Wrestling is a physically and mentally demanding sport. But it also teaches work ethic, commitment as well as team work,” said West.

Come cheer on the wrestling team at their next home match verses Grayslake Central on January 17th.