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Students eagerly wait for Peru trip


Imagine sitting down on a plane, relaxed, and admiring the sky as the plane takes off for Peru.

Well, that thought could come true as a result of an opportunity to go to Peru, which is scheduled during spring break in 2025.

It also turns out that a similar opportunity could also come true for students, with another plane taking off to France and then Spain.

If students wanted to go to France and Spain, they would be able to go with students from Grayslake Central, whereas students from North are only eligible for the Peru trip.

Two separate trips have been announced, with one of them involving visiting two countries in one trip. One of these trips will be for students going to Peru, while the other is going to France and then Spain.

If a student wanted to attend the trip to Peru or Spain, they would need to be in a Spanish class of any level, regardless of if it’s Spanish I or AP Literature. The same thing applies to the trip to France; they would need to be in a French class, whether that’s French I or French IV.

“My favorite part of the trip, this is my third time going to Peru, I obviously love seeing Machu Picchu in the morning. It’s just incredible within the clouds,” said Spanish teacher Nikki Kirchway.

“And so it’s really, really cool, so that’s a really neat factor. I love the food. The food is amazing, and the people are just super nice in Peru, and we get to see llamas.”

The Peru trip will last for 11 days, while the trip to France and Spain will last for a day shorter than that. Students will arrive at their destinations by plane, later on taking other forms of transportation, such as buses and trains. Some examples of monuments that will be seen in Peru are Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. In France, students will see the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, and then the amphitheater in Barcelona, Spain.

“(I’m) really excited to see French and Spanish students get to use the language and experience the culture firsthand, eating the food, going shopping, seeing all that you’ve, you know, always dreamt of seeing, like the Eiffel Tower, and you know, going to Barcelona. So I’m excited to see all that,” said French teacher Jennifer Welty.

These travel opportunities were well received by students to the point where the trip to France and Spain is already completely full.

“I plan on going because I want to be able to use Spanish skills that I have learned in a realistic setting, and I like looking at architecture and historical things,” said freshman Leah Stiles while talking about going to Peru.

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