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Students plan to graduate in December

As the semester comes to an end and everyone is starting to get ready for winter break, some students are getting ready to finish their high school careers. At North, students are given the option to be able to graduate early, and many students take advantage of this option. Although graduating a semester early doesn’t seem like much, considering it’s only a five-month advance, it does take some extra work and time to achieve this goal.

Whether the reason for graduating early is to get a jump start on college, or if it’s simply to get out of school sooner to have more downtime, students can have many different motives for choosing to graduate ahead of time.

“I decided to graduate early because I wanted to give myself more time to be able to work and save up for school, as I already work two jobs. Having the extra time gives me a chance to use as much time as possible for saving up since I plan on attending the University of Washington,” said senior Abbey Schulz.

Graduating early doesn’t mean that students just get to finish school early and miss a semester of classes. The remaining credits needed can be taken as summer courses, and every student graduating a semester early is required to take two English classes, as all four years of English are required. However, subjects such as math and science don’t have requirements for all four years, which means students can lay off the workload a little bit by not taking math or science. Unlike English classes, students do not have to take two gym courses during one semester to get full credit.

Graduating early is not for everyone. Some students very much benefit from the ability to socialize with their peers and get out of the house and learn, while others may just need school as a break from being home. The extra workload is also something that isn’t fit for every student, as there is more work that goes into graduating since students do the same amount of work in less time.

“I have mixed feelings about graduating early. Part of me thinks high school is really long, and if you want to get the next part of your life started, that’s great, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for students who want to get a head start on preparing for their future. On the flip side, you’re only in high school once, and I feel like you could miss out on senior experiences. In the long run, most students graduate early to start their life’s workload early, and I value being a kid. So, honestly, to me, there are pros and cons,“ said Jodi Sokolowski, a math teacher for 28 years.

“I think this semester prepared me for the future because it made me realize that I have to really try this semester to pass all my classes and get the resources and headstarts I need before I handle a college workload. In six months, I see myself getting ready to go away to college and figuring out my classes for college. It’s going to be sad being away from home, but I know I’ll be successful,” said senior Alivia Newkirk.

As a senior who’s graduating early, they are still able to go to all school events after they graduate, including prom, sporting events, and graduation. Even if a student graduates in December, they will not receive their physical diploma until May.

“Graduating early is not right for everyone, it just depends on the situation or circumstance. For most students who are going to a traditional four-year university, colleges want to see them finish out the year in classes during both semesters. For students that are in multiple AP classes, they lose the AP credit for the second semester, and it may not be in their best interest to graduate early. I would say it depends on every individual student,” said counselor Veronica Lujano. “There are a lot of benefits to graduating early. For students that plan on attending CLC, they can start earning college credit and start attending in January so it gives them a jump start. It is also a great opportunity for students to work for those who need to work to pay for their college. For students who plan on entering the workforce right away and do not plan on going to college, it might be best for them to graduate early.”

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