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New classes offer more variety

Patrick Green, English Composition Honors teacher, works with students to prepare for different types of writing.

Here at Grayslake North this year, a handful of new classes have started, such as Mr. Green’s English Composition Honors, Mr. Moberg’s Music Production 1 & 2, and Mrs. Gaffke’s Walking For Fitness. There are even a few other new classes that aren’t mentioned here.

English Composition Honors
While English Composition Honors is not technically a new class, moreso a name change, the class still helps prepare students for any sort of writing in college, not just English writing.
“It’s called English Composition, and it’s preparing students for college writing, not just English writing, but any writing they’d be doing in their undergraduate classes in college,” said English teacher Patrick Green.

Music Production 1 & 2
As for Music Production 1 & 2, it is an entirely new class with a new teacher, new criteria, and even an entirely rebranded room. It gives an insight into how music is made in the music industry.
“Students should take this class if they have always wanted to take a peek into the modern music industry and how music is created in a studio,” said choir teacher Alexander Moberg.

Walking for Fitness
If a student wants to go for something more athletic, Walking for Fitness can help as all it involves is simply walking and developing better walking skills. Students can walk through different types of places.

“The Walking for Fitness class is a very peaceful class which provides a great break in a rigorous schedule. We walk through Rollins Savannah and Millennium Trial, which is very beautiful. Students will find their pace and stride improve as the class progresses,” said life fitness teacher Carolyn Gaffke.

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