Meeting celebrities during spring break

Spring Break 2023. This was one of relaxation, college tours, vacations, and for this specific year, meeting celebrities! A few of our very own North students over their break met or saw some very popular celebrities. Natalie Poloyko, Jada Kemp, and Alaina Ashley all met celebrities during or before their breaks this year.
“I love the show ‘Outer Banks,’ so seeing Kiara was super cool. I also liked J.Lo, but for the D’Amelio parents, I wouldn’t say I was really a ‘fan’,” sophomore Natalie Poloyko said.
The whole process of noticing the celebrity, recognizing them and working up the courage to go up to them is a fast, yet extremely lucky experience.
“I honestly recognized them right away. It’s pretty easy to know it’s them because you are so close to them, so I really didn’t doubt myself,” Poloyko said.
Meeting a celebrity can be an experience unlike anything we can imagine. Being in the presence of someone so talented who we expect to see on our TVs or phones can be shocking.
“After meeting the celebs, I honestly just thought it was so funny, and I wasn’t expecting it at all, so I guess surprised,” Poloyko said.
When first meeting a celebrity, we may not always comprehend that it’s them.
“First we saw him [Omar Apollo] in the security of the airport, and we didn’t know if it was him. I asked Jada about it,” said junior Alaina Ashley.
“We were embarrassed. We didn’t even want to go up to him because we were so scared,” Ashley said.
Extreme feelings of excitement and anxiety are sure to occur during an altercation with someone famous. Jada shares her feelings during her first ever moment of meeting someone famous.
“My heart was racing. I was nervous. I was scared,” Jada Kemp said.
The students who met with these celebrities also share pieces of advice for those who may also get the chance to meet someone famous.
“Don’t be nervous. Just go up and ask and be nice,” Kemp said.
“Because if you don’t go up you’ll regret it because the first time we missed him, and we regretted it. But we were lucky enough to have seen him again,” Ashley said.
These students shared an uncommon experience during their breaks. They shared their feelings, advice, and more about their experiences. Not many people plan to meet celebrities, but the ones that do are extremely lucky. According to these three who have met someone famous, remember to take that opportunity, be respectful, and remember to be calm.
Each of these lucky students had the once in a lifetime chance to meet someone others only really see on TVs. This experience was unique and thrilling, and it is must have made each of their spring breaks a break to remember.