Retiring Staff: Tracey Nielsen

As the school year is coming to a close, students and teachers are saying goodbye, as this may be their last year at North. Tracey Nielsen shares her thoughts and memories throughout the years as her career comes to an end, looking forward to retirement.
Nielsen has future plans. She shares her experience here at North and her overall experience.
“It’s been fun. This is my fourth year here. So I got to do a lot of fun projects. Mr. New came in halfway through, so it’s been really fun working with him,” Nielsen said.
Although she is retiring, she still has big plans as she shares what she still wants to accomplish as an author.
“So when I’m retired, one of my big plans is that I’m going to look into self-publishing. I have at least 20 titles I want to write,” Nielsen said.
As the interview came to an end, she shared her accomplishments and rewards from  her career at North.
“I like to garden, so bringing the garden to the library has been really fun. I used to work in the public library, and they weren’t really interested in me doing that. So I was happy that we got to do it here with the hydroponics, and then we’ve got the planting things we do throughout the year. Right now we’re doing plant planting a smoothie, so you do sprouts and then we’ll have a blender and we can make a smoothie,” Nielsen said.