Review: Creed III

Throughout the last 50 years, Rocky and Creed have been the face of sports movies and together have a total of nine movies in the trilogy. On March 3, 2023, Warner Brothers released the third movie in the Creed series revolving around Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis Creed.

“Creed 3” is produced by, directed by, and stars Michael B. Jordan, who takes on the role of Adonis just like the past two movies. In this movie, Jordan tries to focus on Adonis’ past before he came into boxing.

At the start of the film, the viewer instantly sees what Adonis Creed was like in his childhood and introduces the main villain Damian Anderson, who was a childhood friend of his. Damian and Adonis were both good friends and had each other’s back, and the film really shows that. But then the night Damian won his fight in the ring is when Adonis got into a fist fight at a strip mall. Damian pulled out a weapon to protect Adonis but was arrested that night and wouldn’t be released until 18 years later. The movie takes a jump into the present day once Creed wins a fight against Ricky Conlin and wins another title. After the title win, Adonis goes back to his owned gym as he then sees Damian for the first time in 18 years. Adonis first trains with Damian but soon finds out Damian will do anything for a chance at the title. They both fight and break up and begin training to fight each other in the ring.

The movie is a great aftermath of the second movie and introduces the main villain Damian Anderson really well. I like that as the movie goes on, Damian becomes more of the villain and shows his true colors at the end. The ending I would say is a little disappointing though as I wish the movie was 15 minutes longer so we could get the chance to see the aftermath of the fight.

Overall, this movie is a great sequel to the others, but it’s not my personal favorite in the Creed franchise. Rocky not being in the movie is disappointing, but it makes sense why they didn’t add him. It’s obvious the main focus of this movie is on Adonis, and Jordan does a great job with that.