MUSE celebrates the arts

MUSE is a celebration of fine arts including art, theater, and band. MUSE was held on April 12, 2023, showcasing the artwork of students, theater pieces, and jazz band performances.

MUSE was created by the fine arts department a few years ago to celebrate students and their hard work. Students who participate are usually second semester students, but all are welcomed even if not in an art class. MUSE Night is a showcase of the fine arts for families and the Grayslake community. There they are greeted with food, showcases, and activities for all ages to be kept entertained.

“[Activities included] throwing clay on the wheel or we could do hand building with clay. There were drawing opportunities and digital photo stuff. Theater had some costume stuff. There were lots of things such as face painting,” said art teacher Randy Sweitzer.

Art teachers try to enter in all art pieces made by second semester students with the exception of some of the best pieces made by first semester students. During the show, the best art pieces were given ribbons.

“MUSE is a celebration of the fine arts, so both the fine and performing arts here at Grayslake North,” Sweitzer said.

“My art teacher really liked my name tag project, so she encouraged me to display it,” said freshman Leilyn Janneau.

MUSE this year was a success, being the biggest school show this year. The Green Room students produced drama type showcases, and the band played jazz pieces. The art that was showcased mostly comes from second semester students, but also some teachers pick the best from first semester. Freshman Willie Morris’ artwork was entered into the contest. His drawing resembled video game characters.

“It was a turnout. The first one after COVID had low attendance, but this one was a bounce back,” Sweitzer said.

Participants also enjoyed their time preparing for the showcase and even more participating in the showcase.

“I think that MUSE went pretty well. There’s a lot of art classes; the

re’s a lot of great student artists here. It was great to see a lot of different art pieces and people express themselves and also show their artistic skills,’’ said senior Chirag Singh.
“[My favorite part was] the food,” said freshman Daejonna Collins.

The spectators of the art show were impressed as they got to experience many different aspects of fine arts including the drama plays and the jazz band.

“I like seeing the families get in and participate with the art supplies whether it’s drawing, painting or playing with clay. I always enjoy watching the little kids get excited about that,” Sweitzer said.