Seniors participate in annual game

As the school year is coming to an end, the senior class gets to enjoy a fun game: Senior Assassin. It’s a game where seniors are allowed to eliminate other seniors who are participating, and the winner receives money. It is played every year before the end of the school year for the seniors to enjoy before they graduate.

Seniors who participate in the game get to spray each other with water guns. The whole objective of the game is to not get eliminated and to get your target within a certain timeframe. If you fail to get your target within a week, you are on bounty, and anyone in the game can eliminate you. Bounty means that anyone who is playing the game that already got their target out can also take you out of the game along with the person who was assigned you.

As the game begins, there are some rules that need to be followed. These rules are not only to keep the game fair but also to make sure no one is breaking the law and things are safe.

“The rules are you have to have a water gun. You cannot trespass, break any laws, and you have to get a video or picture with the person you just got out,” said senior commissioner Jessie Bennett.

As players start the game, they realize what the true meaning of the game is. Instead of it being really serious for students like some would expect, many are playing the game just for fun.

“I feel that Senior Assassin is mainly about having fun and just trying to get people out and out scheme other people to get them out of the game. It is just a competition to see who can survive and out plan everyone else,” said senior Logan McLaughlin.

As the game goes on, there are some nerves that start to build up. Since there are less competitors, there is more of a chance that someone is waiting to get you out.

”Most interesting thing about a Senior Assassin is the paranoia that you gain from playing. All of a sudden I’m out at volleyball or the gym or getting food, and I check the door every 5 seconds and plan an escape route to my car just in case,” said senior Anneke Holm.

The commissioner of the event is not allowed to play, but they get the inside scoop. This is a serious job and can be hard because they know everyone’s targets and can’t tell anyone, even their friends. It also means that they have to deal with complaints and running the Instagram page.

“Things I enjoy is seeing everyone’s reactions to it and posting the captions. The ideas are funny. Some things I don’t enjoy is how passionate and aggressive people can get. Sometimes people argue with me,” Bennett said.

As you survive, there are some tactics that are used to get their targets out.

”To get my target out, I try to figure out their lunch periods and Knights Block to see if any line up with mine so I can follow them. Or l try to figure out where they live and stalk their house. I also plan my day around whoever has me as their target; going to the gym or the store when they have practices or work,” Holm said.

Some plans can be easier than others.

“I plan on getting my next target out at a random time whenever they are outside of their house doing something such as being at a store or getting food since it’s typically easiest to get people out in the spur of the moment,” McLaughlin said.

As the game goes on, rules can start to get altered. Since new people are running it every year, they are able to change the rules to what they want.

“There’s a lot of rules that can be altered due to certain circumstances because a lot of people go far lengths for the game. For example, the rule for garages changes, but this year, a lot of people are fighting to have it not be safe,” Bennett said.

There are students who have patiently waited a long time to play and win the game.

”I wanted to join Senior Assassin because I have watched people play it since I was a freshman, and me being super competitive has made me want to join and win the money,” Holm said.

As the game starts to come to an end, players notice how this game has impacted them.

“Some precautions I have taken was to always double check all of my surroundings and to take different routes to places. I have been much more observant, and I have noticed that I have found out lots of little things that I don’t usually catch,” McLaughlin said.

As the game starts to come to an end, students start to wonder what the top four winners will earn.

“I’d like to talk with them and see what fits best because if there’s a player that has done more than the other three, then I’m gonna give a bigger share to that person,”said Bennett.