Many events end the year for seniors


Being a senior is a happy and sad time due to the amazing graduating class and all of the fun senior activities.

Every year the senior class does a senior sunrise and a senior sunset to welcome and say goodbye to the graduating class. Now that it’s reaching the end of the year for seniors, it’s time for a senior sunset. Some of the seniors have expressed that they are excited for the sunset and what it means to them.

“I am excited for senior sunset because it’s the last sunset as a senior in high school, and I went to senior sunrise,” said senior Kylie Soudan.

“I will be going to senior sunset. It’ll be fun no matter what, especially when hanging with my friends. It’s also toward the end of the year, when I’ll be done with most of my schoolwork, and I’ll have some fun,” said senior Kamila Chwieros.

Some of the planning for all the senior events is all created by Andrea Tompoles, along with the senior class sponsors. A lot of work goes into senior planning, and it’s not just the seniors planning it. Planning the end of the year events is always a big thing like the senior luncheon.

“It was shared out by the Senior Class sponsors (Ms. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Crowley) to all senior families to ask for volunteers in the planning of the event. This event is held every year and has always been successful,” said assistant to the principals Andrea Tompoles.

With planning the senior events comes difficult challenges. Mrs. Tompoles explains a bit more about the difficulties the staff faces when trying to give out the senior information.

“I believe the biggest challenge is making sure that every senior receives the information on the events. The information is shared through email, social media, senior page on the school’s website, and announcements. Also, making sure that fun events are planned that the seniors will be interested in joining is important,” Tompoles said.

It’s not only Mrs. Tompoles who plans the senior events but also Student Council and more, playing a huge role to help start the senior year events going.

“Student Council plays a large role in planning for the events, as well as the senior class sponsors, the activities director, the building administration, and family volunteers. There is also a planning committee for prom,” Tompoles said.