Snowball attends leadership trip



Juniors Jeana Roscoe and Jada Kemp decorate bunks at Camp Duncan.

Students at North this semester participated in a leadership activity at Camp Duncan called Snowball. Students who are a part of sports and school activities were loaded onto a bus to learn how to work together as a group and to learn what being a leader really means.

“This was entirely a new experience for me. I usually do group work with volleyball or softball, but this was interesting because it was a mix of people. We all came from different backgrounds and sports. It was so nice to see us all working together, people who wouldn’t usually hang out,” junior Alana Carraro said.

Students were put into groups with other students from different schools and after school activities, and switched around to different stations to learn methods of leadership from one another.

“I didn’t expect to see people I knew from other schools there. I usually sign up for other activities that I wouldn’t usually do, but this one had the best outcome, better than I could imagine,” said Angelina Sosa, a junior who attends Grant High School.

Students went from station to station learning different important things about leadership that they couldn’t have learned in a normal environment. There was an outdoor rope, slack line that showed students how to develop trust, a blind and deaf assignment inside to build communication skills, and an arts and crafts assignment for bonding.

The event also had a speaker talk to the students about experiences he had and how that links to leadership. It ended with the gathering of all the different groups, which all had different themes, to view the photos taken of them during the day as a slideshow.