Emmitt McConville places fifth at State Skills Competition

Junior Emmitt McConville qualified for State for Special Olympics Basketball. He worked hard to get to first place in the Basketball Skills Competitions which qualified him for State this year. He then went on to place fifth at the State Competition.

McConville was able to make it to State with hard work, dedication, and lots of practice throughout the season.

“I practiced hard and worked with the basketball team a lot,” McConville said.

All of McConville’s teammates, friends, and coaches were very supportive and very excited for Emmitt to have qualified for State.

“Everyone was very supportive of Emmitt qualifying for State. The team threw Emmitt a ‘State Qualifier’ celebration after school with pizza, cupcakes, and a gift for Emmitt to show how proud we are of him,” coach Jenny Sparks said.

Throughout the season, Emmitt and his fellow athletes practiced hard to be able to play well and allow Emmitt to make it to State.

“We practice every Tuesday after school in the fieldhouse gym, and we start with stretches then we go into warm-ups (practice dribbling and passing). Then we go into practicing lay-outs and shooting around the basket,” Sparks said.

McConville is hopeful that he will be able to qualify again for State next year.

“I think I can make it to State again. I just got to put a lot of practice in and be even better than this year,” McConville said.