North hosts The Big Game


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Big Game athletes walk out of the tunnel to prepare for The Big Game.

The Big Game between the Special Olympics basketball teams of District 127 and Lakes High School was an unforgettable event for many students in attendance. The gymnasium was packed with students, parents, and community members who came out to show their support and cheer on the athletes. The energy in the room was electric as the teams took the court.

As the District 127 basketball team fought, so did the Lakes Eagles. They fought hard and had their student section right behind them supporting them from their respective side.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” said Lakes student Caitlin Pron. “The atmosphere was so positive and uplifting. It was a really special moment which allowed all the students to get involved completely.”

As the game progressed, the students were in awe of the skill and sportsmanship displayed by both teams and fans. The game overall promoted equality and togetherness for the Special Olympic athletes.

“I was really impressed with the way they were able to work together as a team and make such incredible plays,” said senior Logan McLaughlin. “It was amazing to see their dedication and hard work paying off, such as the good dribbling from [senior] Angel [Martinez].”

When halftime rolled around, the crowd was treated to a special performance by a dance group from Los Angeles called Infinite Flow. The students were blown away by their talent and enthusiasm.

“I loved the halftime show,” said junior Jeana Roscoe. “It was so much fun to watch, and it really added to the excitement of the event which made it my favorite intermission.”
The dance company wasn’t the only fantastic part of the halftime show, though. The wonderful music played by Pete’s Diary was inspiring and uplifting.
“The music was a great part of the halftime show. Even though the dancing was good, the live music really made it feel like a professional sporting event, “ Pron said.

As the second half began, the game became even more intense, with both teams fighting hard for the win. The students in attendance could feel the energy in the room building with each passing minute.

“It was incredible to see the passion and determination of the athletes,” Roscoe said. “They never gave up, no matter what.

In the end, the game was a huge success, with both teams showcasing their talent and dedication. The students left feeling inspired and grateful for the opportunity to witness such a special event.

“I’m so glad I came,” McLaughlin said. “It was an experience I’ll never forget, and it definitely became my favorite Big Game yet. ”

Even though the fans felt included, so did the players. The week and game is the biggest event during March. The players loved this game the most due to some personal growth.

“This Big Game was my favorite because my skills improved and I was more confident,” said senior Angel Martinez.

The players’ best moments not only shined during the game but also before. The game is all about representing, and that’s exactly what Armando Parra did.

“I enjoyed the game. I liked singing the Anthem,” said senior Armando Parra.

Overall, The Big Game was an inclusive event loved by all spectators. The game consisted of thrilling moments together with a whole week of activities to promote the event.

“The week was fun, and I liked stealing and dribbling the ball,” said junior Damien Ramirez.

Junior Sylvia Grice hustles up the court during The Big Game. (Photo by Total Image)
Big Game athletes walk out of the tunnel to prepare for The Big Game. (Photo by Total Image)
Students cheer for their fellow Big Game athletes. (Photo by Total Image)
Junior Emmitt McConville and other Big Game athletes work together as a team to make a basket. (Photo by Total Image)