7.5 magnitude “Disaster-quake” ravages Turkey, Syria

Earthquake causes over $30 billion in damages


It’s always unexpected when something horrible happens such as the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023.

Disaster struck when one of the largest quakes that measured 7.5 magnitude hit Turkey and left behind thousands dead and billions of dollars worth of damages.

“Unfortunately, yeah, and large numbers you had, I think, the most recent estimate I saw was well over 50,000 people that were killed, and I imagine those numbers are probably still going up,” said social studies teacher Alex McKenzie.

Not only has this earthquake created a disaster in Turkey and unfortunately took the lives of thousands. It took billions of dollars worth of damages.

According to CNN, “a major earthquake which hit Turkey on Feb. 6 caused about $34.2 billion in direct physical damage.”

According to CNN, the buildings weren’t properly built and weren’t built to the proper code that they were supposed to.

“You have the Turkish government that is arresting contractors and architects and others because they said that they didn’t meet certain codes that it was supposed to,” McKenzie said.

It had been in the works for the contractors to fix the buildings for events like this.

“The president, everyone basically even campaigned on this over 7 million like different claims on problems. And he was just basically giving amnesty the same. If you pay a fine, then you can just forget this, and people loved it, but not the people that made those claims,” McKenzie said.

Many buildings and homes were destroyed in the matter of days by this earthquake, and also more buildings have been destroyed due to lack of proper construction.

As reported by CNN, “according to officials in the region, more than 5,700 buildings in Turkey collapsed in the magnitude 7.8 quake.”

For now, the countries aim to help recover and repair the damage done for the safety of its citizens.