Students at North go to concerts through the years


Photo courtesy of Morgan Nielsen

Concerts are a fun gathering where people can enjoy their favorite creators playing their favorite songs live. Some say that the audience is the best part of a concert because of how involved the people are.

Many people have lots in common when they talk about their concert experiences like who they saw, who they enjoy most, and the best parts.
Seniors Morgan Nielsen and Jessie Bennett share their favorite parts of a concert experience.

“The best part about concerts is when the performer first comes out and everyone is so excited and screaming, and the performer just continues their first song just completely unfazed,” Nielsen said.

“My favorite part of a concert is the start when the performer first comes out, the entire place gets so hype, and it’s so cool seeing everyone all excited,” Bennett said.

Another thing concert goers have in common is deciding who they would see again and who their favorite artist was to see. Junior Marlee Jaramillo, Neilsen, and Bennett all share similar tastes when going to concerts.

“My favorite person to see in concert was Tyler the Creator because of his energy, and his music is really good. I would see Tyler the Creator or Steve Lacy twice,” Bennett said.

“My favorite person to see in concert is Harry Styles or Tyler the Creator. It’s too hard to decide. I would love to see Tyler the Creator twice,” Jaramillo said.

“My favorite person to see in concert was Tyler the Creator. He was so fun to watch, and his concert was so entertaining. There were no dull moments. Who I would see again would also be Tyler the Creator just because he is just fun to watch and he has amazing music,” Nielsen said.

A person’s first concert is always memorable and cherished from the first moment.

Senior Morgan Neilsen remembers her first concert in Mexico.

“My first concert was a Duran Duran concert in Mexico. We saw an ad on the bus and decided we should go and we did. It was kind of boring because they are all old now, and it’s kind of an old lady band, but the music was still good,” Nielsen said.