Psychology Club encourages service, connection


Gift box made by Psych club for Holiday Help fundraiser

Every other Wednesday in A350, a group of students come in with snacks and laughs. They catch up, discuss topics from the wackiest to the most profound and all while eating fruit snacks and yummy cookies. These students gather together for Psychology Club, a club dedicated to practicing mindfulness and discussing the vast amount of topics and ideas within the field. 

“We figure out new topics regarding psychology and apply them to the real world,” said senior Celia Palamalayil. “We like to catch up and discuss what’s going on in our lives.”

Some of the team’s most discussed topics include what makes a psychopath versus a sociopath, ways to improve mindfulness, and how to help the school community.

“My favorite memory is packing the baskets that we raffled off for Holiday Help this past December,” Palamalayil said.

Over the years the consistent members who plan events have formed a bond with one another. Many started as underclassmen and have been catching up and planning events for multiple years. 

“I go to Psych Club to see my friends and talk to them about life and to gain new understandings of other people and their experiences,” said senior Andrew Black-Mishaan.

The group’s other events historically have been No-Stress Fest, which around the time of AP exams the group brainstorms ideas to help the student body stay mindful by passing out candy or notes. Mrs.Dodd, the club sponsor, usually spearheads these efforts each year.

“I love to see my favorite teacher,” Palamalayil said.

But at its core, the club began and always will be a comfortable space for students to learn. Psychology is defined as the study of mind and behavior, and its understanding of that helps people learn about themselves and those around them so that they can apply their knowledge to become better people.

“It’s a student-led club, so each meeting we pick what we want to learn about and have group discussions,” said senior Claire Hickson.