Green Room presents ‘Urinetown: The Musical’


Photo by Total Image

North’s performance of “Urinetown: The Musical” was directed by Ron Bowden, and Cheryl Schwartz was the choreographer. The musical was first performed in the Black Box Theatre on March 9. Many of the staff and students were super excited to have worked on the project.

“Oh, my goodness. It’s hilarious. First of all, it’s so funny, and I hope everyone will just get a laugh out of it,” said junior Grace James.

The cast was working hard daily to get their lines down by the time they had to premiere.

“It’s very energetic and entertaining. And I wouldn’t like to be in anything else because I think that this is a really good first musical to be in at North. And there’s also like for rehearsals all of the dancing and all of the acting is very emphasized, so people don’t really just say their lines, it’s more like they announce them and they say them very loudly and it’s very silly,” said freshman River Finan.

Members of this group were also in charge of building the set. Many students and staff worked hard and spent many of their Saturdays so they could finish making the whole set.

“We have been working very hard with rehearsals, learning the music and the dances, and getting to know these characters and how to play the humor. We have also been working hard on all of the technical elements of the show, building the set, organizing the lighting and sound, getting the props needed and set,” Bowden said.

Most people’s first thought on this project is confusion due to the nature of the title, but the show goes much deeper than just the name.

“I think that the show would be a lot weirder if it wasn’t a metaphor. So I do believe that it’s got to be a metaphor for, I mean it is filled with a kind of symbolism of capitalism throughout, and it’s just making fun of it,” Finan said.

There is more than just working, though, staff and students equally love “Urinetown: The Musical.”

“I think it tells an incredibly fun story about love and loss, about sacrifice and heroism through a ridiculous comedy that uses the vehicle of a water shortage to get its point across,” Bowden said.

Everyone in the cast and crew hopes that everyone who comes to see this creative musical will enjoy it to the fullest.

“Honestly. I hope they take away the aspect of maybe questioning authority figures and really deciding if their interests are the best for them,” James said.