Review: Volo Musuem


Photo by Imani Ongalo

This weekend a group of friends and I visited the Volo Museum and Antique Shop. The most noticeable thing we picked up on first was the price of the tickets. I paid for one other person and myself, and the total was $40. As nervous as I was about the price of the tickets, as soon as we started to advance towards the showrooms, I knew it was worth it.

The entrance of the Volo museum already has sights for visitors to see. The museum is made up of 4+ car showrooms (which include cars from famous movies, vintage cars, and cars owned by famous people), a “Jurassic Park” section, an antique mall with four floors, and different interactive parks and vehicles that you can enter and look into.

As we made our way through the showrooms, though, I don’t know much about cars, I was fascinated. The first showroom contained a dozen or more cars that were extremely nice and put on display incredibly. Each of the cars in this showroom were vintage and contained various colors and makes.

The second and third exhibits were my favorite parts of the showrooms. I got to see a vintage Barbie car, the car from “Grease,” a car from an old 007 James Bond movie, and the car from “Back to the Future.”

After we visited each showroom, we decided to tour the antique mall that is directly across from the museum. The antique mall had four floors and each floor had multiple rooms from different vendors. We toured each floor and found unique and beautiful items for very decent prices.

I would definitely recommend this museum for an aesthetic trip. I got many cool photos and I can’t wait to go back!