Review: ‘Formula One”

“Formula One: Drive to Survive” is a Netflix original series that gives fans a behind the scenes look at what a Formula One team is really like.

The show was released in March 2019. Ever since its release there has been a spike in Formula One fans. It has been clear that the docudrama has specific elements within the approach that catch viewers’ attention. Within the show, they have one on one interviews with drivers, team principles, etc.

My favorite parts of those interviews are when you can start to see the shift the drivers have when it comes to loyalty and confidence with the team or vice versa.

The show has given fans a behind the scenes view of life on and off the track. Fans get to see the impact working with teams such as Ferrari, Redbull, Mercedes, McClaren, etc. have on people’s lives. People get to see how drastic lifestyles change from driving in Formula Two into Formula One.

I enjoy seeing everyone trying to adapt to new lives, teams, and platforms. The show has made me realize just how much more there is to Formula One than who’s the fastest on the track or what driver everyone’s eyes are on.

With Netflix following the teams from the very beginnings of their seasons to the final seconds, it is fascinating to see the constant shifts not only in how teams interact with one another but the shifts within the teams themselves.

On February 24, 2023, Netflix released season five of the show. With the popularity of the sport and show now there have been slight changes in the way shots are taken or even questions are asked in interviews. It is clear that Netflix is paying attention to what the viewers want to know and how the viewers feel toward certain drivers.

With the show bringing such a surge of popularity to the sport, the popular app TikTok has gotten their hands on content as well. Users have been very expressive of what they think of different teams and drivers, from making videos talking about their views to fans making edits of different drivers.

I have always enjoyed Formula One, but this new show has brought better understanding to the sport and creative entertainment. I can’t wait to see the new approaches Netflix takes with upcoming seasons.