Review: ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

On October 22, 2022, Netflix released a new Netflix original “All Quiet On the Western Front.” With the money Netflix threw into the movie, this movie is really good and gives a real feel of what war was like in World War One.

The movie starts off and instantly introduces the main character Paul Baumer, a soon to be German soldier. The setting was 1914 when the war just broke out and Paul and his friends enlisted in the war wanting to be heroes and serve their country. Before Paul and his friends receive their uniforms, the movie shows the process of how Germany reused the uniforms off fallen soldiers in the war and gave them to new recruits such as Paul and his friends. Once the group of Germans get stationed at the western front, the tone of the recruits turns from gratitude to fear as they desperately try and survive the western front.

As a whole, the movie was amazing from start to finish and really shows the sadness of war. The acting and the cinematography was its best parts as the scenery of the movie gives a good representation of trench warfare back in World War One.

The movie is overall one of my favorite World War One movies, which is why I’m putting it at 5 stars.