Students travel this spring


While spring break is a time for students to have time away from school, some spring sports teams are taking trips to Florida to play games where it is warmer this year.

Softball and baseball will be competing against a few other high schools from Illinois while in Florida. As the baseball team takes a trip down to Florida, they will be putting a lot of their vacation time into playing.

“Our spring break trip is about seven games down in Florida, four varsity and the rest JV games. When we aren’t team bonding, we will be hanging out at the resort and at the Disney parks,” said senior Jacob Donohue.

Softball has a larger schedule of games to play on their vacation. Besides playing games, they get to enjoy the nice warm Florida weather.

“We get to play in some nice weather and get some real game situations nice and early in the season and get to do this when we otherwise wouldn’t be if we were at home,“ said sophomore Lauren Gaeding.

As previous spring break trips have been canceled, players are excited to be able to play somewhere new and have a little team bonding as well.

”We haven’t gone on a trip for spring break so far in my previous years of high school, so I am excited for this opportunity during my last year. I feel it is a great opportunity to bring us closer as a team because we will be spending time on and off the field together, “ said senior Allyson Kubik.

Traveling away from home for spring break gives students a break from school.

“Traveling somewhere for spring break is a good way to just get away from school and other stuff. I think it’s always fun to go and get away from the cold weather,” Donohue said.

Playing against different competition can be beneficial for a team.

“We get to play good competition in Florida, and we get to get out on the field and see pitches that we would never be able to do here because it would be too wet on the fields,” said senior Casey Staver.

Traveling to different states also means the yummy food one gets to eat.

“Florida equals Publix sandwiches because they’re fresh and really good tasting with the roast beef,” Gaeding said.

Traveling for sports can lead to seeing some amazing places.

“The ESPN Sports Complex because we get to see where the Rays do their spring training and get to play at the huge sports complex,” Staver said.

Even though students have to play during their vacation, they actually gain team bonding time.

“Our spring break trip is a pretty good balance of actual baseball and just hanging with the team at the resort,” Donohue said.

Everyone has a favorite food place when traveling, but there is always one that they wish they had back home.

“My favorite food from Florida is CCs pizza. We don’t have any near here, and it is always fun to go back there when we go to Florida,” Staver said.

It’s always nice to take a break from playing and enjoying the weather.

“(I enjoy) playing in the new season and going to the beach with the team,” Gaeding said.

It’s nice to get out of the house and travel as you get to take a break from your old routines.

I do like to travel during spring break rather than staying in Illinois because I get tired of my every day routine. It’s exciting to have a change of pace, “ Kubik said .