Students donate blood at the GNHS blood drive

The GNHS blood drive has ended already with students donating their blood. 

“Today I’m participating just because I have blood. That’s basically the answer. Like if I’m able to donate blood, then I don’t see a reason of why I shouldn’t this is like my third time donating, so I definitely got used to it. It’s easier mostly when you’ve donated more. I was scared at first, but now I’m chill,” said junior Jacqui Cordova .

Students are allowed to donate blood if they are 16 with a signed consent form from a parent or guardian. Other than that, students are encouraged to sign up for the blood drive. 

“So Mr. Hough, the PE department chair, and I have kind of coordinated this event at the school because I am the school activities director and so we do one in the fall and one in the spring. So we help coordinate and set up the PE presentation, set up the sign up form and we work with Vitalant to do that,” said student activities director Keeley Naughton. 

The blood drive takes place two times in the school year during the fall and during the spring, but there are also other places to donate blood outside of school.

“So it’s all about giving back. So students who are obviously donating their blood are saving lives. We encourage all students that are comfortable doing it to come out and do it. You do have to be 16 years old, but it’s a good way to give back to the community,” Naughton said.