Boys wrestling excels in growth this season

The boys wrestling team is capturing attention with their impressive displays of skill, power and determination on the mat, thrilling fans and competitors alike during this exciting competition season

Joining the wrestling team provides students with the opportunity to develop not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The intense training and competition foster teamwork, discipline, and a strong work ethic, creating well-rounded individuals.

“People should join wrestling because it’s fun even if you’re not the best at it. Plus once you know everyone on the team, it’s like a family,” said sophomore Andrew Tarkrov.

Being together as a family is a huge plus of being on the wrestling team. Even without the family aspect of the team, players can still grow.

“Join because it builds a lot of self confidence and determination,” said sophomore Jake Ronsman.
Self-improvement is seen as a common advantage to joining the wrestling team. While members of the team can grow as an athlete, they can also grow as a person.

“I have improved a ton. Since fifth grade, I have improved so much I can’t believe it myself,” Tarkrov said.

While the team won’t shy away from new members, the growth of the team number-wise isn’t everything about it. All players have a goal for themselves.

“I hope to place in State by my senior year. With it being an individual sport and having no one to blame but myself, I can focus and do it,” Ronsman said.

Wrestling is a tough sport that takes a lot of strength and hard work. According to the team, it’s a sport that creates amazing memories and strong friendships even with it being tough. The wrestlers have many happy memories and experiences they treasure, and they all agree that wrestling is a wonderful sport.

“My favorite meet was definitely the Lake County Invite because I wrestled better than I had all season and beat guys I should’ve lost to,” said senior Dallas Dinkla.

The wrestling team has had good times and tough times, but they always want to get better. The wrestlers work hard and try to learn from every match so they can become stronger and more skilled.

They never give up and always aim to do their best.

“Our team can improve by working as hard and keeping the same energy we’ve had all season,” Dinkla said.