Review: ‘Avatar: The Way of the Water’

Long ago when we were all babies and some of us barely started school we had the first movie titled “Avatar,” and now after over a decade we have the new continuation of the series with “Avatar : The Way Of Water,” and those who have waited for this movie are having mixed emotions about the film.

When I went to go see the movie, I was amped up and excited because the first one was amazing, but soon after, I was left disappointed and really didn’t like it. The movie felt lackluster and didn’t really live up to the hype nor for the amount of time it took for it to come out.

James Cameron is the author behind the series. Cameron always loved movies and was huge on underwater life and decided to make a movie involving a human-like species and water together and created the first Avatar movie.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), and the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure along the way.

The movie was in production for almost 14 years after the release of the first movie for the reason that James Cameron wanted to try his best to perfect the underwater computer-generated imagery just to help enhance the film and make it pop more.

I personally didn’t enjoy it that much, but I also didn’t hate it. It’s an alright movie and a good movie if you just want to watch a movie. I would give it a 7/10.

To wrap everything up, the movie was alright, but the first movie was better. If you want to watch a movie for fun, then I would say this would be a choice to consider. It’s not that bad, but if you were a fan of the first one and watch this one, you will see the first was better.