Boys basketball rallies together for postseason


February 14 will be the last game of the regular season for boys basketball. This season introduced the new future for North basketball, but is also the last ride for seniors. The team is currently 11-14 and 6-5 in conference with five games left to go to make their conference championship push.

“We knew it would be a tight race and a tough battle with so many closely packed teams,” said coach Josh Feinzimer. “Right now we are in third place in conference and have competed well against
some strong opponents.”

While the team prepares for the postseason, the chemistry between players hasn’t been better as the team is playing their best.

“I think we definitely developed into a stronger team through the season and were able to create bonds that last even after school,” said senior center Casey Staver. “I think we did well, and we are steadily getting better and hoping to play our best basketball now,” said sophomore point guard Cam Bates.

Even when the team isn’t between the lines, the group still bonds together which makes their chemistry rise even more.

“One example that comes to mind was after a recent road conference win over Grant. The whole team was belting out tunes in the back of the bus in their best singing voices,” Feinzimer said. “While it was hard to listen to, you can’t fake that kind of camaraderie and spirit.”

As the season comes to a close, this year’s season has had some highlights and intense games that players will never forget.

“My favorite memory was beating Wauconda at Wauconda and coming back from twelve points to beat them for the second time this season,” Staver said. “I think the guys will remember the off-the-court moments as much or more than their success between the lines,” Feinzimer said. “That’s part of what competing at a varsity sport is all about.”