Girls basketball moves to postseason with with winning record


The girls varsity basketball team is having a successful season. A new head coach, a win against the cross-town rival, and a close team bond have led to their winning record. The team set goals and are putting in the hard work to accomplish them. With seniors leading the way, intense energy is driving the team to success. This season the team has a new head coach, Brian Frericks. He was the assistant coach last year.

“It’s been a lot of fun. It’s really exciting. Doing the behind the scenes stuff has been a lot of fun. Building that trust with the team has been great and kind of steering the direction where I’ve envisioned the program, and it’s been a lot of fun so far,” said varsity coach Brian Frericks.

The team met their goal by beating Grayslake Central for the first time in ten years. This was a big accomplishment for the team.

“It was definitely the game when we played Central for the second time because we beat them. It was like the first time in like ten years, so it was kind of a really big deal. The team was super excited and as a program,” said senior Tara Mydral.

Senior night was another highlight for the team. With six seniors on the team, it was a great night to honor them and celebrate the hard work they have put into the program.

“It was a little sad because it came really fast. I think it didn’t hit as many of us at the time. It was really well done. The ceremony was great. The posters were great,” said senior Peyton Gerdes.

“Senior night was one of my favorite memories. Getting to take pictures, sharing memories, and spend time with the girls l’ve been playing basketball with for so long. We won that night, and it was a great night to remember,” Mydral said.

Superfans are a big aspect of basketball. It can affect the way players play and apply pressure.

“It definitely impacts the way you play on either side, especially with superfans on the other team cheering at you. lt’s definitely more fun when people come to games, and when you win, you win because they change the energy of the whole gym. I think it’s great when we can get a good superfan section at a game,” Gerdes said.

The team created goals and is working hard to accomplish them.

“One of our goals was beating Central. Another one of our goals is to win conference. Our last goal is to win a regional game which is coming up. I think we have a realistic shot of doing that as well,” Frericks said.