Boys bowling rolls to a finish

Boys bowling works as a team to work through tension and finish out the season


The season is coming to an end for the boys bowling team as they are trying their best to finish strong. The varsity team fought hard with getting as many wins as they could.

“It’s really going to depend on your pace. I see your shot, your approach, your release, and then you start to learn the basics of the game,” said varsity coach Greg Geiger.

Coaches and players are always there to help newcomers and even the more experienced if help is needed.

“Making sure their approach is good, making sure their arm swing is good to release, and typically you want to make sure that you are building that up slowly,” said varsity player Lucas Adams.

Most people generalize bowling as an individual sport because only one person bowls at a time, trying to score as many pins as they can. But as a team, every person’s score matters. Adding the scores for every individual is what indicates if the team wins the game or not.

“You’ve got this team around you that you’re all competing as one team to get the highest group score to advance in competition. It’s not just based on how you score but everyone around you,” said varsity player Levi Adams.

The interaction between players helps a lot because they give each other tips during games to help with getting the pins in. At the end of the day, it comes down to each person trying to achieve a high score to move on to the next game.

If one player would have a bad day from scoring, “bowlers need a lot of help and instruction and coaching, whether it means staying calm, staying focused, or dealing with distractions, “ Geiger

Normally, bowling can be a physical sport, where it can be a mental challenge to players because of the competition they face in between games. Many bowlers experienced times where they’d struggle, but they eventually picked themselves back up to finish strong. The amount of tension between the person and the points that are needed to score is very high, and it is difficult to keep the same composure when it comes down to it.

“We can work on improving it and making sure that they aren’t too upset about it,” Levi said.

In addition to that, the oil on the wood can change the way the ball rolls because of the different types of wood.

“Depending on different conditions for the lane, for example, if there’s a lot of oil on the lane, whether it’s synthetic wood or just natural wood can completely change how you would want to approach your shot,” Lucas said.