Cheer team ends their season with a State showing


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The varsity cheer team placed second at Sectionals qualifying them for the IHSA State Cheer Competition.

The cheer team ends their season with a second place at Sectionals qualifying them to compete at the State tournament. This successful season was filled with many memories. 

The varsity cheer team has had a successful season filled with many memories.

“This is my ninth year cheering, and I think the relationships have definitely helped me stay focused and mentally driven to cheer. I started bonding with some of the girls on the team in fourth grade when I started, and so I feel like just having those relationships like carry me forward and then forming new ones has really helped me. I also like the competitive aspect and how we’re all working for the same thing, but we all have to work together in the same way to achieve it. And I like that we all have to like to connect in that way to be able to move forward,” said senior Olivia Rouse.

Varsity coach Ashely Barrie talks about the true meaning of cheer and it helped her through life. 

“Cheerleading has been such an important part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine not being involved in the sport in some way. I think cheerleading taught me so many things that have helped me throughout my life. It has given me confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills (our schedule is crazy, so the only way to get through it is to be organized) and it has always been a creative and athletic outlet for me,” said varsity coach Ashely Barrie.

Junior Haylie Rudd discusses what it means to her to be on the cheer team and how she feels. 

“Well, being a varsity athlete all four years means a lot to me. I just think it means that I am a lot better than I actually think I am and that actually worked,” Rudd said.

As the Cheer starts preparing for their competitions, it first starts off at the football games.

“To be honest, they don’t change that much. While football season is our sideline season and we aren’t specifically preparing a routine for competition, we are still working towards our competitive goals. We are drilling tumbling, stunting and jumping skills knowing generally what we will need to be able to perform by December. So while we don’t get our routine until the end of October, we are still working towards our competitive goals all year. We then use games as an opportunity to practice those skills in front of a crowd and become more comfortable performing in front of people,” Barrie said.

Although a lot goes on in cheer, cheerleaders have favorite parts of the routines.. 

“Stunting for sure. It’s definitely probably the second Stein, because I feel like it’s the most challenging and it’s one like everyone needs, kind of like a boost in the routine. So I feel like our stunt group does really well about giving each other a boost by hitting our stance all the time,” Rouse said.

As the season continues, the cheer team comes up with goals to improve for sectionals.

“Definitely just focus more on the little things like motions and just tightening technique. Because I feel like we definitely lack that. So I feel like that can definitely be one thing that can get our scores up for Sectionals,” Rudd said.

Over the years a lot has happened with memories being created, but there’s always one that is loved the most. 

 “So one of the biggest memories I have is going to State for the first time in high school. I didn’t compete in the competition itself, but just being there was really cool and being able to spend a night in a hotel with all my friends and just go and do my job like it was kind of like a break from reality and I just had to focus on that. And then from this year, my favorite memories are probably senior night, the football game. I just feel like everyone’s vibes were really good and everyone had a really positive attitude. And all the seniors really got to like, showcase what they wanted to do, and like what they could,” Rouse said.

Haylie discusses what she likes about the team the most.

“I really like that we’re all fun. And we all have a sense of humor. And we all have a work ethic too. So it is just like a balance between them. So it’s really easy to have fun and work hard at the same time,” Rudd said.

Coach Barrie talks about her favorite memory from the seven years she has been here.

“It would be so hard to pinpoint one memory from the past seven years, but my favorite memory so far from this year was hitting zero at our own invite. The girls just went out there and had a great time, and it was a fun and memorable performance to watch!” Barrie said.