Basketball season starts strong for Special Olympics team

Special Olympics have started their basketball season and are getting ready for the big game in March.

This season has brought much improvement on different skills, along with new players.

The team has improved so much because we got a few more students to join, and their dribbling and shooting skills have definitely gotten better,” said senior Anglea Caliendo.

Though their season has just begun, they have already created some impressive highlights and great memories.

The basketball season has been going well! We’ve played three games so far and won all three. Our athletes have worked so hard and have really improved together as a team,” said coach Jenny Sparks.

Not only has the team improved and made great accomplishments, but individual players have made amazing accomplishments.

“Emmitt McConville and Armando Parra competed in the Region B Basketball Skills Competition through Special Olympics Illinois on Sunday, December 4. Armando got second place in his division, and Emmitt got first place in his division, which Emmitt qualified for the State Tournament and will be going to State at Normal, IL in March 2023,” Sparks said.

The athletes enjoy playing the sport and working toward the large school event.

“The athletes love playing basketball, so they are so excited for the whole school to cheer them on at the big game,” Caliendo said.

Any students wishing to show their support can go to any of the basketball games and cheer on the athletes leading up to the big game.