Football makes school history


Camden Blackwell

Football players on the field during a home game.

The football team capped off a historic season with a second round playoff exit, tying them for the second best in school history. The Knights beat out the former conference champs Wauconda
Bulldogs in order to win the conference trophy this year. In order to improve from last season, the Knights had to change up their team with a new head coach and seniors ready to step up. The Wauconda game is in the hearts of many players.

“My favorite game was Wauconda because we won the conference, and there were many emotions behind the game,” said senior Logan McLaughlin.

Success was huge for the Knights this year. They had to come through many challenges such as a mid-season loss in conference for their first of the season.

“The biggest challenge for our team was consistency and getting used to the new scheme on offense and defense,” said sophomore Matthew Myszka.

Even though the season didn’t end with a State title, the players still had their own big moments. The great season for the Knights was led by the players.

“My best personal moment was in the Senn game when I hit the quarterback and caused a fumble that went all the way for the touchdown,” said senior Matthew Gielczynski.

The impact of the coaching changes made the team very successful improving from last year’s record of 3-6 to this year’s 9-2. The players all took a big step up in their game learning new things.

“The team improved in that our coaches helped us to succeed better and we had a better scheme fit for our team,” McLaughlin said.

The coaches impacted the whole school with a legendary Homecoming rivalry game that everyone will remember. From losing to Grayslake Central last year to now winning the biggest game, it made a difference to the players and the students.

“The best game this year was the Central game because of the rivalry and winning,” Gielczynski said

The season this year was for sure one for the books, no matter the ending in the playoffs. The team had many accomplishments such as winning the NLCC title.

“We definitely improved a lot. We can use this season because we got a lot stronger and smarter in a football sense,” Myszka said.