Student Council starts Holiday Help program


Student Council is working on a project called Holiday Help. This event raises money for families who cannot afford presents during this time of year.
The event began mid-November when Student Council held fundraisers like the lanyard sale and the Nothing Bundt Cakes sale where all the profits went to the event. When they have all the necessary profits, Student Council members then went shopping for the presents on December 16, 2022.

“Holiday Help is a fundraiser that is run by GNHS Student Council. It supports North families who are in need of financial help during the holiday season. We electronically raise money and ask for donations and buy them gifts, food gift cards, and more for their families during the season,” said Student Council member Lola Brama. “Holiday Help project is one of my favorite Student Council events because it is nice being able to give back to these families.”

Student Council works hard to host the online sales to raise money for families as they prepare to go holiday shopping at the Round Lake Walmart.

“We usually give jackets, warm clothes, gift cards, and various winter attire to the families,“ Student Council president Jessica Bennett said. “I feel really passionate and grateful for the project. It feels great to help out families in our own community and see everyone participate in a beneficial cause.”

These events can take lots of time to prepare and gather donations, which is why the Student Council took their time trying to brainstorm how they could raise money for the Holiday Help project.

“It’s super fun to prepare for it. A few weeks ago we brainstormed different fundraisers we could do to raise the most money, which is how we came up with the lanyard sale and the bundt cake sale,” said Claire House, a Student Council club member. “If I were to change anything about this project, I would want to add more fundraisers so we can raise as much money as possible and make it more known what we are raising money for to give people more incentive to buy something.”

Student Council members say they really enjoy Holiday Help. Preparing for it can be fun and a good challenge. Student Council can raise tons of money for these events, going around or over eight thousand dollars. With that amount, Student Council can usually help around twenty to thirty families of four within the community.

“It’s a really good feeling to be able to help others. I like that Student Council members get great leadership opportunities. It’s a school-wide event where clubs, admin, teachers or even students get to help out. It also makes me feel good to be able to help those families. It’s nice because sometimes they don’t expect to get a lot, and we give them as much as we can,” said Student Council sponsor, Meghan Crowley. “It can be challenging. I feel like a lot of people donate last minute. Last year we raised eight thousand, but a week before we went shopping we only had three or four thousand. It’s definitely a nail-biter, but I have a lot of help from the Student Council members, so it’s not just me planning it.”

Student Council has worked extra hard this year to be able to give to families this holiday season the presents and good time with their family that they deserve, and hopes students and staff will assist in donations.

“I really like this project because I love giving gifts and getting the most I can out of a budget. It will be fun buying as much as I can with the budget they give us, knowing that what we get is going to families in need,” House said.