Knights Way aids students with snacks

Snacks are just one that Knights Way helps in the school


Across from the Hub, there lies a quaint gray castle that would be featured in a Disney movie. But the castle does not contain knights or princesses inside – it carries snacks. Knights Way, the school’s equity club, created the snack castle as a station for any student who doesn’t have easy access to food to grab a quick snack before class.

Knights Way went further after the snack castle and leads many awareness campaigns and drives for diversity awareness, food insecurity, and equity among the student body.

The club Knights Way organizes events and promotes ideals of equality, representation, and safety at school. The group aims to create a positive environment for every student and aids students in need.

“We have a very diverse school, and we want everyone to feel accepted and included, but we also just want to make sure that the school never feels like an unsafe place for anyone,” said Knights Way president Bekah Monciviaz.

Knights Way promotes service and equity. Equity focuses on utilizing support and resources to create equal access to educational opportunity and outcome. Knights Way prioritizes equity as does Grayslake North as a whole. School staff recently completed equity training and, alongside a conscious student body, aims to truly create equity.

“Knights Way is really just trying to cultivate a healthy environment within the school, one that really supports students and all of their ventures as well as all of their home situations,” said Knights Way member Bella Moran.

Knights Way serves the school community through various projects. One of which was the snack castle. Other activities included anti-slur campaigns, food drives, and Hispanic Heritage Month. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Knights Way ran announcements and invited an Hispanic food truck to campus. The food drive ran throughout October and the group always looks for donations either to the school or for the Avon Cares Food Pantry.

“Knights Way hosted multiple food drives. We also do a bit of service. We’ve partnered with a sports team to write Valentine’s Day cards to a women’s shelter and other stuff like that,” Moran said.

Knights Way members and sponsors encourage as many students as possible to join. Students can join by either emailing Mr. Alger, prevention and wellness coordinator, or approaching another member and joining the remind. To join the remind, text @knightsway to 81010. The group looks for new ideas and projects.

“If you’re passionate about anything, you can come and try to make that change through Knights Way,” Monciviaz said.