Six band students form Basement Brass


Photo courtesy of Basement Brass

Photo courtesy of Basement Brass

Basement Brass is a student-led band made up of six members, all of whom take time to create music and share it with others around them. They are trying to build a name for themselves through performing at arts cafes, jazz nights, and anywhere else they can play.

“Whenever we can get our hands on a gig, we’ll take it. It doesn’t matter if we get paid or not. We just want to play for an audience,” said junior Tyler Kregel.

They pride themselves on being able to perform in front of an audience and are always happy to play whenever they get the chance. The band has also started writing their own music and plans to perform their own songs for future gigs.

“We have been writing our own music, but we’ve still mostly been doing covers. We’re starting to play our own original songs more though,” said junior Wade Wilson.

Being a small group does come with its struggles; however, getting exposure and playing for more audiences has become a challenge for the band.

“The hardest part about all this is trying to get attention toward us. We are only in high school, and few know who we are,” Kregel said.

Basement Brass is reaching out to social media as a way to gain exposure and cultivate a following and will continue to find audiences to play for.