Review: “Halloween Ends”

Over the past three decades, “Halloween” has been the head of horror movies and really thrived in the early 80s.

Throughout the whole trilogy, there have been 13 “Halloween” movies, and the newest movie was released in late October of 2022. “Halloween Ends” finally concludes the series.
Head film director David Gordan Green wanted to make sure “Halloween Ends” was more focused on sole survivor Laurie Strode and how she sees the world today. Green wanted to also make sure that fans got an ending they wanted and to make sure the trilogy finally ends.

At the start of the film, the setting begins three years later after 2019’s “Halloween.” We see Laurie still battling over PTSD with Michael Myers. After her last encounter with Myers, Laurie has written a book about her experiences. The plot also is about the relationship between new character Corey and Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson. Corey has experienced trauma in his life and was mentally broken until he met Allyson. Allyson was also battling thoughts of Michael Myers after seeing her mother’s life get taken away on Halloween three years ago. As the days begin to near October 30, conflict begins to rise as nobody has seen Michael Myers in three years.

The movie is a great aftermath of the last two movies, but fans may dislike this type of movie because there’s not as many deaths as the others. But I also think the ending is a little weak and disappointing for a trilogy lasting decades.

Overall, the movie was solid, but I feel like it wasn’t enough. The amount of screen time Michael Myers gets in this movie disappoints me the most. The plot is also all over the place with the relations between Corey and Allyson, and why introduce a brand new character in the final movie? What I do like about the movie is the screen time Laurie Strode gets in the movie. It’s the final movie, and she deserves to have part of the movie about the traumas she had facing Michael. After all of this, I still found the movie enjoyable as it still gave us awesome kills from Michael Myers and still gives that horror aspect.