Members of Gamers Club share love of playing games


Michael Barrera-Juarez

Members of the Gamers Club meet every other Thursday to play games together.

Gamers Club is open for all those who share the same amount of love for games as others.

Kamie Czarnecki is the host of the Gamers Club that meets every other Thursday right after school from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., and students sit together and play games together and have a fun time surrounded by others who love games.

“The Gamers Club is really a very cool club. It’s really just about kids coming in, some bringing their own councils, some coming in and playing right on the computers because we meet in the computer room. A lot of independence this year versus years in the past, but a lot of kids are bringing in their own lives, like their laptops, and they’re playing games together,” Czarnecki said.

Gamers Club is for those who love playing video games and love making new friends that share something in common.

“There are no requirements whatsoever. It goes on all year long. So I always encourage kids that if they’re in a sport, or something that is only for a season, go to that sport, because we’re going to still be here when that season is gone. So I always encourage them to go to other clubs first,” Czarnecki said.

Students can join the Gamers Club whenever they want. There is no requirement to join. Just go and have a great time.

“I always encourage everybody to come out, you know. And we send emails out you know if any changes ever happen, but typically it’s every other Thursday. We have our dates already. Set up. Come check it out. You don’t ever have to stay. If you decide to come one day in September, and then you say I don’t come back till December. That’s okay. That’s it. It doesn’t matter. So just come check it out. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come back. But you probably find you like it,” Czarnecki said.