Knights look at how improvements make champions


The Knights take on Senn High School for the first round of the playoffs.

As the Knights football team took on their first playoff game for the 2022 season, tensions were high before the first win in the playoffs. 

“During the game, it was just that we can’t lose. Because if we do, there ain’t no more after this, and we needed to keep a strong mentality and after was a relief that we did it and to focus up,” said senior captain Nathan Alfaro. 

As the Knights continue their journey to State, senior captain Jacob Donahue still feels like he has a few things to improve his game. 

“Some things that I could have probably done better is getting the ball off in time so my receivers aren’t waiting for the ball and stuff like that,” Donahue said.

But as the night continued, senior Deandre Neely Jr. felt like the team played well, but there were still things to improve.

“Offense did well again. There were still things we can work on. Our o-line did great, as they have been doing all season. Receivers have been doing great as Jacob D has been well, same with Michael Jefferson,” Neely said.

The Knights continued to conquer their opponent as the defense held a perfect game with allowing no one in the end zone, but there are always improvements to be made. 

“We really have to focus. Both teams are good at running and throwing the ball. We needed to take away the run game so they left to throw it. That’s always something we talk about when playing a run dominant team so we stay focused to keep our momentum going and really no mass for anyone else because if we want to stay in it, we can’t give up big plays. So we all need to be is focused,” Alfaro said.

As the Knights won the night with a 55-0 win over Senn High School, some of the players thought about the best memories of the game.

“Getting a big hit with Zion was my favorite moment because we talked about getting a big hit together all week, and we work really well together. So to see us both really succeed is something that makes me happy,” Alfaro said.

“Favorite moment, scoring, and seeing all the people who work their tails off for us to get better in practice go into the game and perform at the level of the starters,” Neely said.