Volleyball season ends in regional play


Dani Ebbole

Varsity volleyball plays at Lakes High School. Coach Nikki Kirchway, Tess Buckely, Talia Suarez, Sonya Voit, Jeana Roscoe, Kayle Livingston, and Grace Wastschke cheer the team on.

The girls volleyball season came to an end on October 27. The varsity team lost to Lake Forest High School during Regionals, and the season came to an end.

Their overall record was 17-20, and their conference record was 5-2, ranking them 4th in the Northern Lake County Conference. Morgan Nielsen broke the all-time single season block record with blocking 102 times this season. 

All of the people that are a part of the volleyball program have something that they enjoy about it particularly. For coaches, it might be the fact that they once enjoyed playing the sport.

It started a long time ago when I was a high-level volleyball player. And I really love volleyball because it’s the ultimate team sport. I love watching a team come together throughout the course of the year,” said Jim Sarver,  head varsity coach of the girls volleyball program.

Coaches also enjoy being a part of the program that they manage to keep running smoothly as well as seeing all of the athletes grow and build relationships. 

“I just love watching people improve. I love when things go. How I love building a program. I love everything from our battle-tested that we did, to our family for four-on-four nights,” Sarver said.

Injuries can be a major factor for athletes. They limit playing time/capability as well as possibly making an athlete take a season off.

“I guess this season, I’ve been out injured more. So I kind of have to take a look and keep positive energy on the bench. Yeah, be able to support my teammates from the side,” said senior and varsity athlete Tess Buckley.

Every single athlete that makes a program has something in particular that they bring to the team. For some, it might be their attitude, leadership, or just keeping calm in high-pressure situations. 

“I think my energy. when I get really pumped up I’m really up there. I will howl and whoo on the sidelines. Go crazy and wave my crutches in the air when we get a big block or something,” Buckley said. 

As new seasons start for returning athletes, things definitely change with getting new people on the team and losing others. During high school, just progressing up the skill ladder from freshmen to JV and varsity changes lineups and the connection of a team as a whole. 

“For me, it’s just senior seasons trying to get another conference win,” said senior and varsity captain Anneke Holm.

Every season, players should think of an achievement from the past season, possibly making new friends, meeting new people, improving their attitude or skills.

“I get to know freshmen more now that we have some freshmen on the team. Yeah, so that’s nice,” Holm said.