Varsity football plays in the first round of the playoffs


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The football team has had a successfull season and has qualified for the playoffs.

This year’s varsity football team has made it to the playoffs with a record of 8-1.

The first playoff game is Friday, October 28 at North against Chicago Senn.

Player Nick Green, dedicates the team’s success to players being more committed to the sport, being selfless, and hard work.

“This year, people are a lot more selfless, and they’re not just thinking about themselves,” Green said.

Team success also comes from players stepping up and making plays. Assistant Coach Palmer says key players help out the team as much as the defense this year.

“Jacob Donohue, he’s our quarterback. He’s had a really good year so far. Also, Michael Jefferson is another key contributor on offense. DJ Neely, Ken Bates, man defensively, we do a really good job of playing team defense. So we don’t have a ton of guys who stand out, but everyone does their job really nicely,” Palmer said.

Superfans also contribute to the team’s success. Both Palmer and Green believe they help motivate the team and bring positive vibes to the field.

“They bring the energy, and we feed off that energy and we just go out there and we compete,” Green said.

“They bring the energy you know. We feel that on the field. The kids get, you know, all jacked up when they hear them chanting and making you know, cheers and everything like that. So I think that they definitely play a role,” Palmer said.