Chess Club gets ready for first competitive year

The Chess Club has many new and exciting opportunities this year.

This is the very first year they are going to be competing against other schools, and their very first meet is happening soon. The club will be traveling to Peoria and competing against other schools in order to make it to State or even Nationals.

“The competitions mean a lot, and we’re going to State this year,” said senior Ethan Schwartz.

Seven members drive out there and each get forty-five minutes on the clock to play and win against an opposing team.

“We’re going to win,” Schwartz said, and Grayslake North has hope that they will.

So why is Chess Club important? As said by the chess club sponsor Vincent Hart

“It develops pattern recognition, fortitude, and learning how to play difficult positions, and it’s just fun,” said sponsor Vincent Hart. “I really enjoy the teaching aspect of it.”

Chess can help build pattern recognition and the ability to strategize in difficult positions.

 Chess  was initially invented and played by kings and queens as a way to build tactical skills and precise strategic thinking and was referred to as ‘The Royal Game.’

 Chess Club is one of the many competitive clubs Grayslake North has to offer to students. The Chess Club even gets to travel.

“In February, we’re going to the State Tournament in Peoria,” Hart said.

They get to take their show on the road and show off the skills they’ve learned so far.

“It’s an intellectual sport just like many other sports can be,” Schwartz said. “Why wouldn’t I join? I love chess.” 

Chess Club is a great option if students want to learn strategy or just really like chess and want to travel and play chess competitively. 

“We have an away game in two weeks,” Schwartz said. “This will be our first one this year.”

The club meets Tuesdays after school so the students can practice and strategize for competitions and just hang out with friends.