Girls tennis team concludes season


Photo courtesy of Makenna Campbell

Robyn George, Briana Pagget, and Makenna Campbell won the NLCC conference title.

The girls tennis team had an impressive season with a brand new coach, Coach Szramek, guiding them to victories. The team ended up being 11-5 for the season.

Many factors could have contributed to their success, such as their team bonding, or the brand new tennis courts installed last spring. 

The girls tennis team has many favorite memories with each other. The bond they created has helped them thrive during conference, leaving them 4-2, as well as during their season.

“My favorite part about tennis is the people. Everybody’s really kind. We all joke around, and we all support each other,” said junior Hannah Han.

The team did many fun things together to help their bonding. They enjoyed themselves during the season, which helped the team’s winnings.

We had team dinners. We tie-dyed socks. We played around the world, and we did a goose chase,” Han said.

The team has hired a brand new coach, as of this year, who has really enjoyed meeting her new students and has productively learned how to balance the teaching/coaching role.

Mrs. Szramek teaches in the special education department and decided to coach girls tennis. She has enjoyed coaching and is very good at it, considering seven players qualified for All-Conference.

”My favorite part about coaching is just kind of seeing the students in a different aspect,” said Coach Allison Szramek.

As a new coach, Szramek says that it has been interesting learning the best balance between her teaching and coaching roles.

“Focusing on time management and making sure I prioritize all of the things that need to get done,” Szramek said.

The team has also been enjoying the brand new tennis courts that have made their matches and practices much more safe and has been beneficial while playing.

They’re very nice. There’s no cracks in them, so that definitely helps us while playing. The courts are so much better and it’s much safer,” said sophomore Makenna Campbell.

With the new courts, practices and matches feel cleaner than ever before.

Han added that she “likes that the new tennis courts are clean, and they don’t have any annoying cracks.”