Table Tennis Club offers more than fun for students


Photo by Chris Palacio

Roman Hernandez plays table tennis with the club. The table tennis club meets every Wednesday after school

Every two weeks on Wednesday, students all over the school go to Table Tennis Club to end their days.

Whether it’ll be raining, snowing, cold, or hot, many students love the feeling of picking up a paddle and hitting the ball against the surface to the other person.

“I think it’s like a nice relaxing thing to do. Just freeing up time, and I do assume it’s a good way to end off a school day,” said senior Roman Hernandez.

As the club continues to grow, students are to become more encouraged to play the sport and learn how to have fun with a sport they aren’t familiar with. Even if students don’t have experience, students that do can help the individual to get the feel of ping pong.

“You don’t really need any experience to come out here. We encourage students to bring a friend to play with. They have played it before, so they have some experience, but it’s good just to get everybody out playing together,” said sponsor Patrick O’Connell.

In this club’s atmosphere, the only thing others would see in students are their glaring eyes and smiles, hearing a lot of laughter. Students come together as a community to just only play ping pong.

“It’s a social club, so it’s really about hanging out with some friends playing some ping pong, and like I said, having fun,” said sponsor Kevin Ball.

Having a bad day can instantly turn into a great day with interacting with friends or people that don’t know each other because everyone is doing the same thing.

There are multiple benefits you can receive while playing this sport. According to Miranda Larbi from, it has stated that you can develop mental acuity, improve reflexes, and helps with hand-eye coordination.

It also can be helpful for people that aren’t able to do many activities with their joints, since it does not give strain. It gives blood flow to the brain, making the thoughts quick and sharp.

Considering the club would help you with social skills and many other benefits to give.