Band premieres new show ‘Nature of the Beast’


Photo by Total Image

This year, the marching band has been working to perform their new show, “Nature of the Beast,” led by Dr. Candance Edstrand.

People in the band tend to think that this year’s show is more interesting, not only to march but to watch as well.

“This year is more like, oh my gosh, like depressing but in a good way. I really like the way we can have a chance to work on music of all different styles,” said drum major Claire Hickson.

Section leaders bear more responsibility this year as the band reduces the amount of drum majors from five to three.

“There’s kind of a lot of responsibilities, and I kind of have to like, be a role model. And especially with the few new people that we have. Well, I have to kind of show them what to do. And kind of help them along because you know, they’re brand new,” said section leader Wade Wilson

The section leaders are also having an easier time with the new members than last year.

“They seem to be, I feel like they’re pretty split 50/50. I feel like some of them, they’re getting it pretty well. They’re catching on. But then some of the others are struggling. but compared to my freshman year, they’re applying themselves a lot more like they’re willing to talk to us,” Wilson said.

Freshmen this year are also working hard as they have a whole new set of skills to learn just coming into marching band after middle school.

“It’s a big jump, but it’s a lot better than last year, just learning all the new marching technique,“ said Caleb Pruitt.