Pakistan flooding displaces millions


Since June 14, 2022, Pakistan has been hit by severely flooding, affecting millions of citizens in the country.

The catastrophic event deeply impacted 33 million people, over 1,100 people died and 1,500 were injured. One-third of the country was submerged in the flood, leaving more than one million houses damaged or destroyed. People in Pakistan made shelters near roadways or riverbanks. The flood took their source of food, risking widespread hunger with waters continuing to rise.

“They got sick, and now they no longer have access to the health care that they need. It’s been really devastating, not just for people’s lives, to go forward,” said history teacher, Noah Scibbe.
According to the “Time” and “Foreign policy” articles, currently, three-fourths of the crops and rice have been affected by the floods, three million livestock have died, and almost one-half of the agricultural land is gone.

This has inflicted a heavy amount of damage toward the farmers. Food inflation could potentially spike because Pakistan lost a significant amount of food. They are already struggling with the economy, and putting this on the country can worsen cities that have low income. It is to be predicted that Pakistan will lose around $12.5 billion, with food inflation increasing by 30 percent
Additionally, according to and, there are water borne illnesses that are flowing around Pakistan. Cases like diarrhea, skin diseases, and eye infections are spreading across camps.

The supposed cause of these illnesses is early climate change and heavy amounts of monsoon rains. Pregnant women were also at risk of having these diseases. Children can be severely affected. It has resulted in 6.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Before the flood, children were also faced with having little to none of nutrition in their bodies. It is expected for their conditions to worsen after one of the most devastating floods in world history. With the assistance of UNICEF, they are currently teaming up with government and non-government organizations to help the children. Organizations like Islamic Relief, International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and more have been miraculously aiding Pakistan with food, shelter, supplies, and medical support.