Special Olympics works in the offseason


Over the summer, Special Olympics athletes went to Kristof’s to bowl and played in tournaments. Now that the season is in full swing, their hard work has begun for the the practices and games.
Students Damian Ramirez, Angel Martinez and Armando Parra were some of the athletes that went to bowl. Ramirez competed at a bowling competition.

“Damian Ramirez competed at a bowling competition on August 27 in Addison, Illinois at Stardust Lanes. He got fourth place in his division,” said Special Olympics sponsor Jennifer Sparks.
Within the Special Olympic season, there are many sports the athletes get to learn other than basketball.

“Special Olympics started a few weeks ago. We’re actually on our third practice for field hockey skills. It’ll end in two weeks and then we will go straight into basketball till mid February and then that’s when we will go into track and field,” Sparks said.

The Big Game will take place on March 3. A schoolwide assembly is held to watch the Special Olympics athletes play a basketball game. The Big Game is something the athletes look forward to.

“My favorite part about Special Olympics is basketball. I love dribbling and shooting,” said senior Armando Parra.

With returning back to school from the pandemic, more students are wanting to get involved with Special Olympics.

“I have been a part of Special Olympics since my freshman year. I am a physical education student leader. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day,” said senior Reagan Kuzynowski.

The support of students has grown compared to other years.

“There’s a lot of student leaders that want to help out which l think is really nice because our athletes really enjoy their company,” Sparks said.

As student leaders graduate, the Special Olympics team has left an impact on individuals.

“I know after high school I want to pursue being some type of teacher, and I’m highly considering special education. I knew getting involved would help me realize how much I love working with them,” Kuzynowski said.