Breast Cancer Week

Breast Cancer Awareness Week


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The sport teams, councils, and clubs at Grayslake North contributed to breast cancer month by participating in the annual walk at Independence Grove and organizing the pink out game to spread breast cancer awareness among the student body.

This year was the fifth anniversary of Grayslake North’s participation in breast cancer week.  The school organized several events including door decorations, selling pink t-shirts, a PBS breast cancer video, the pink out game, and the annual walk at Independence Grove.  There has been a substantial effort to put focus on spreading awareness rather than how much money could be earned.

“Money raised wasn’t the largest focus. It was spreading awareness, and doing the pink out game and really making the student body aware of issues surrounding breast cancer,” said Athletic Director Tina Woolard.

By playing against Grayslake Central, the pink out game was not only a rival matchup, but also a community fight against breast cancer.  Grayslake North’s stadium was packed with both players and fans dressed head to toe in pink apparel to support the cause.

“We decided to do the pink out game with Central making it a community game.  It was neat seeing pink on both sides. The idea of “U-Knighted” was expanded to the community,” said Activity Director Molly Tomlinson.

The school also supported breast cancer awareness by taking part in the annual walk at Independence Grove.  This year over 60 students from Grayslake North’s soccer team, tennis team, cross country team, and other various clubs participated in the walk.  People walked, ran, and cheered, all equally supporting breast cancer week.

“It was a very emotional day. Cancer is just evil, and we do whatever we can do to help with the cause,” Woolard said.

This week can be a time to support the cure, but to some it is a strong reminder of their experience with the disease.

“Breast cancer has given us a new perspective on what’s important in life: friends, family, and laughing because it can all be gone in a heartbeat.  Your world can change on a dime; you just never know when that’s going to happen. So you have to live each day like it’s your last,” said Guidance Coordinator Patrick O’Connel, whose wife dealt with Breast Cancer.

This year the breast cancer week activities were split among five committees, compossed of fall sport teams and clubs,  each having their own specific role within the week.

“It’s been a project of many this year. We needed to tap into some other people.  Mrs. Tomlinson and I headed up some meetings to get volunteers,” Tina said.

Committee one was the tennis team, who was head of the door decorating contest throughout the school. Committee two was the pink out game, headed by the Public Service Practicum.  The third committee was Athletic Council who created a PBS video spreading breast cancer awareness The fourth committee organized the school’s participation within the Independence Grove walk which was led by the cross country team.  Student Council was head of the fifth committee who sold pink t-shirts allowing students to show their support around school.