Seniors meet on the first Friday of the year for senior sunrise


Emily Gaeding

Seniors meet on the football field on the first Friday of the school year to view the sunrise and be together.

Seniors at Grayslake North attended senior sunrise bright and early this past Friday morning. Seniors brought blankets and waited for the sun to come up. 

Staff Mrs. Crowley and Ms. Fitz provided donuts. Kenzie even made an appearance. 

Senior Angela Caliendo is involved in cheerleading and track and is excited for her last year of playing sports at North. Senior Brea Fahey can’t believe that this is her last year at North. 

“It’s crazy. l feel like we were just freshmen, and to be seniors now, it’s kind of crazy,” Fahey said.

Senior Kelly Eppel can relate. 

“We basically missed two years of high school, and l don’t feel old enough to be a senior,” Eppel said.

Students agree that among the favorite teachers at Grayslake North, Mr. New, Senor Rocha and Mr. Scibbe were the top favorites. 

“Mr. New is funny and you can go to him about anything,” Eppel said.

College is around the corner for the Class of 2023, and early applications have started. 

“l am looking at a few schools, and l’m going on a visit to Winona State next month, so l’m excited for that,” Caliendo said.

With the last year of high school coming to an end, Caliendo’s goal is to “have a fun year so l will remember it when l am older.” 

Fahey agrees. “l want to be more involved this year,” she said.