Football team hosts Black and Gold Scrimmage


Renee Morris

The North Knights scrimmaged on Friday, Aug. 19 as the Superfans and students came to cheer them on.

The Black and Gold Scrimmage was on the first Friday of school, August 19, 2022. It was a pre-game for the players so that the coaches could see and analyze what players could do, all while other games and raffles went on for the fundraiser part of it. While the football players got to have fun going against their teammates, people who attended the Black and Gold Scrimmage were there to support the team and have fun.

The Black and Gold Scrimmage was a fundraiser campaign for the school’s athletic team. It featured games such as a dunk tank, dance battles, raffles, and cornhole games. The scrimmage was an amazing way to get the Grayslake North community together while helping support the football team. 

Football players thought the game was ecstatic. They were happy that they got the chance to play against each other, and it was a fun way to incorporate bonding and play the sport/game they wanted to play without thinking so hard about it. 

“ I love the atmosphere. I love everybody. They’re my brothers,” said senior Jacob Donohue. 

They enjoyed being able to show their athletic abilities while having fun at the same time. The football  players enjoyed the scrimmage and were glad that they had a whole crowd to support them. Some even achieved their personal goal they made leading up to the scrimmage . 

“It’s nice having all these people sitting and watching, but nothing is better than self-satisfaction of achieving your goals,” said  sophomore Brandon Ruzika.

The Black and Gold Scrimmage overall benefited everyone. People got to play games and have fun. The football players got to have a fun and “intense practice.”

 “Keep working. Overall I was happy to see the effort and intensity,” said football coach Pualvet.